Golden Rule Guarantee

We live by the Golden Rule in how we conduct ourselves, both professionally and personally.  If we're running late for an appointment, we'll call you ahead of time.  We aren't a company that will make you wait weeks on end for an estimate.  Your free estimate will be in your hands no more than one week after meeting with one of our team members.  The proposal we provide you will be clearly written, describing not just what is included in our proposal, but also what is not included.  Managing expectations is a key foundation to any human relationship.  The relationship between contractor and client is no different.  If there are extra charges for work that unexpectedly needs to be done, you'll know about it before that work even starts.  It's in our contract and it's our promise to you.  Unlike many of our competitors, we actually answer your phone calls.  If we are unable to answer your call, we return voicemails within a very reasonable amount of time.  In most cases, you'll never have to wait more than an hour for a returned call.  We don't like waiting and never expect our clients to do so either.

That is our Golden Rule Red Door Guarantee.



I was comfortable enough to have their team work in my home when I was not there. That’s trust! They also did an excellent job cleaning up each day.
— Jim-Lake Bluff

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