“I founded American Red Door because I believe that we are all given certain gifts and talents.  What we do with those God-given gifts and talents is our responsibility.  I’ve always loved working with my hands and being around the construction industry.  I remember wanting to be a General Contractor before I even fully knew what that meant.  Some of my earliest memories involve “helping” my Dad in his workshop (and climbing onto the roof with him unbeknownst to my mom).  Throughout all aspects of his life, my father instilled in me an unwavering work ethic and dedication to always strive to be the best at everything I did.  You see, he showed me that no matter where a person may start in life and whatever opportunities that person may or may not be presented, no one should ever settle for anything less than their very best effort.  He had a simple saying that was... 

“Focus on effort, not results, and the results will follow.” 

I also love America and all our founding fathers intended this greatest experiment to be.  I bring my love of country into all I do.  American Red Door proudly continues to be a debt-free company that has never carried a single penny of debt.  This fiscal freedom that we enjoy provides our clients the confidence of knowing they are working with a financially stable and solid company that is never over-extended in its financial matters. 

I truly love what I do and thank you in advance for providing us the opportunity to show you what we do and how we do it.” 

~Todd Sander



American Red Door: Professional Company. Quality Workmanship. Customer Oriented. Competitive
— Dell-Arlington Heights

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